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Division DB Contents In-house use Outside use
Domestic Academic Database KRPIA Korean studies DB of history, literature, culture, art, folklore and classics, etc. Auto-Login Outside access
Korean History & Culture Research Excavation reports issued by 244 institutions including university museums and excavation institutions Auto-Login Outside access
KOREAA2Z Korean studies DB of dictionary, history, and classics Auto-Login Outside access
디지털문화예술강좌 철학, 문학, 문화예술, 인문교양, 음악, 미술 등 다양하고 수준 높은 인문학 동영상 강좌 제공 Auto-Login Outside access
Chosun Ilbo Archive Full-text articles in PDF format (1920~) Auto-Login Outside access
DongA Ilbo Archive Full-text articles in PDF format (1920~) Auto-Login Outside access
韓國地理風俗志叢書 Chinese academic database including 7,800 topics. Chinese thesis database. Please use 中國法律法規DB, 中國特許DB, 中國標準DB to search and access the material. Auto-Login Outside access
CNC Scholarly Information Korean studies DB of all subjects including 15,000 pictures and 380 videos Auto-Login Outside access
Overseas Academic Database PQDT Global ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
Comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world
Auto-Login Outside access
PAO Periodicals Archive Online
: A Archive of scholarly periodicals in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Auto-Login Outside access
The Vogue Archive An archive of vogue magazines from the first edition in 1892. Can get the information on designers, photographers and illustrators in 19-20 centuries through high resolution images. Cover to cover, monthly updates. Auto-Login Outside access