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Division DB Contents In-house use Outside use
E-Book EBSCOhost ebooks E-books provided by EBSCO.
Requested overseas books only
Auto-Login Outside access
E-Book BooKRail About 4,000 E-books of all subjects Auto-Login Outside access
E-Book KSI e-book - Domestic e-book service (Pilot)
- 5000 e-books provided from The Academy Of Korean Studies.
Auto-Login Outside access
E-Book 中國基本古籍庫 About 160,000 books concerning Chinese history and culture
On campus ONLY for 5 people

1.You may only log in from our library

(IP:, ID: china, PW: china)

2. Special program must be installed on the computer instead of web access.

3. Please download the following program and follow the installation instruction.Program

4. Follow the user manual provided. Manual
Auto-Login Outside access impossible
E-Book GVRL Gale Virtual Reference Library
Comprehensive reference books published by Gale.
Auto-Login Outside access impossible